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Daily Lit

your source for daily reading suggestions

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Daily Lit, a community for literature lovers of all sorts. Please take a moment to look below and read about how this community works.

Your community's moderators, fictionandprose and o_x, will everday post a new reading suggestion. It might be a short story, book, poem, or play-- but everday there will be new recommendations. Now obviously community members are in no way expected to read the suggested piece of literature everday-- this community just serves to give everyone suggestions.

Only the moderators may post the daily lit suggestion but all members may make posts discussing the suggestions. Members may also give suggestions to the moderators by replying here-- suggestions for the moderators are always welcome and encouraged!

Not too complicated, eh? Join away and have fun with your daily recs!

(NOTE: Want to become a Daily Lit moderator? Check out this post.)

-- Your administrator,